Keratin Smoothing

Experience unbelievably straight and silky smooth hair with Keratin Complex Keratin Smoothing Treatment by Coppola!

Our Dickinson, TX. hair salon understands the struggles of our clients who have
unruly locks and bad hair days caused by frizzy hair. We have the perfect solution!
Keratin Complex keratin smoothing treatments and styling products are specially
formulated to rebuild, restore and rejuvenate all types of hair for extraordinarily
smooth, super straight style. Bad hair days are a over with Keratin Complex!

Keratin Complex smoothing treatments are designed to make your hair smooth,
silky, shiny and straight-and as an added benefit, your hair will be easier and
faster to blowdry. Keratin Complex promotes healing, blocks the effects of
humidity and prevents environmental toxins from entering the hair as well.

Keratin Complex revolutionized the beauty industry with the launch of its
signature Smoothing Therapy, a professional keratin treatment that reduces frizz,
curl and styling time. With an advanced technology that encapsulates keratin
inside the cuticle. This beauty breakthrough has changed the way women view-
and do-their hair.
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